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At 22nd Century Solutions, we’re dedicated to helping your business or organization reach its ambitions and meet your goals.


Whether you’re a new business, a small or medium enterprise, or even a large corporation, we’re able to integrate our services due to our extensive experience within a range of industries. As Microsoft Office is so versatile, you could be surprised how it can support you and your business. Our services can help you determine simple ways that could make your workplace more efficient. For example, streamline your bookings with MS Bookings and Planning.


With remote learning becoming more and more popular, utilizing Microsoft’s tools are a perfect way to supplement and improve education for you and your family.


Get access to the latest Microsoft products including

  • Microsoft Office 365 business and enterprise
  • Device management and a full suite of security and compliance services and tools

Centralized User Administration Web portal for subscription management

  • Microsoft Word Bring out your best writing
  • Microsoft Excel Discover and connect to data, model and analyze it, and visualize insights
  • Microsoft Access Database management system
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Design professional presentations
  • Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Cloud and Microsoft Azure Business-class email through a rich and familiar Outlook experience
  • Microsoft Teams allows you to invite guests outside the organization to be able to connect.  The customizable, chat-based team workspace in Office 365
  • Microsoft Planner Create plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, and get progress updates
  • Microsoft Bookings Online appointment scheduling for your business and applications
  • Microsoft Calendar Schedule and share meeting and event times and automatically get reminders
  • Microsoft Delve Get personal insights and relevant information based on who you work with and what you work on
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Break down the silos between your business processes
  • Microsoft Forms Create surveys, quizzes, and polls easily.  See results in real-time
  • Microsoft Kaizala A simple and secure mobile chat app for work
  • Microsoft MyAnalytics Create better work habits with insights into your meetings, email, and focus hours
  • Microsoft OneDrive Store, access, and share your files in one place
  • Microsoft OneNote Capture and organize your notes across all your devices
  • Microsoft People Organize your contact info for all your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances
  • Microsoft Power Apps Build mobile and web apps with the data your organization already uses
  • Microsoft Power Automate Create workflows between your apps, files, and data to automate time-consuming tasks
  • Microsoft Security
  • Microsoft SharePoint Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork
  • Microsoft Stream Share videos of classes, meetings, presentations, and training sessions
  • Microsoft Sway Create and share interactive reports, presentations, and personal stories
  • Microsoft Tasks Create and manage tasks in Outlook
  • Microsoft To-Do Manage, prioritize, and complete the most important things you need to achieve every day
  • Microsoft Visio Simply and communicate complex information visually
  • Microsoft Project Stay organized, focused, and in charge. Tackle anything from small projects to large initiatives
  • Microsoft Whiteboard Ideate and collaborate on a freeform canvas designed for pen, touch, and keyboard
  • Microsoft Yammer Connect with coworkers and classmates, share information and organize around projects
  • Microsoft Graphus Detects scams, business email compromise, spoofing, phishing, and malicious attacks every day for our customers
  • Microsoft Compliance Meet your organization’s legal, regulatory and technical standards for content security and data use
  • Microsoft Add-ins Over one-hundred add-ins available for Office 365 applications


No more annual licenses all expiring at different times where you have to wait 3 months to change or cancel a license. With our service, there is no minimum commitment so you can set-up the service now and then add more of your existing licenses in as they expire. If you need assistance with migration, we can even monitor your account for you and migrate the licenses when they expire.


You can also retain full control of your licenses with access to a comprehensive client portal where you can manage your existing licenses and request new ones. Licenses then are usually available in your Microsoft admin portal in a few minutes. No more having to call your vendor and wait for them to process your order or having to hunt out a credit card.


No matter the service you’re looking for, the experts here at 22nd Century Solutions will support you from the very first consultation through to completion and beyond. We believe in going above and beyond as standard, which is why we work so hard to understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve. This allows us to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to get your organization where you want it to be. By fostering an environment of honesty and open communication, we gain a comprehensive knowledge of your organization, the flaws within it, and the necessary improvements. Utilizing your strengths allows us to avoid common issues that many businesses face.